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Horseback Ride

We offer a variety of rides, including:

Instructional Pleasure Rides

Romantic Dates 

Anniversary Celebration


Photos of Your Memories Available

Please inquire   OR    Bring Your Camera for Free Pictures.

Bring Your Picnic basket and blanket after your ride for a complete Romantic beach experience.

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When it comes to traveling on horseback, riders would be hard pressed to find a gentler companion than a Tennessee Walking Horse. The breed is famous for its calm demeanor and steady, even gait—though many have lost these qualities due to years of breeding for horse shows. Luckily, the horses at Happy Trails Walking Horses still possess the smooth, easy gait of their ancestors, meaning those that hop into the saddle will be treated to what the stable owners refer to as the “Cadillac of Rides.” The only thing that could make such a ride feel more idyllic would be a breathtaking view, which is exactly what riders can expect to find as they lead their horses down the romantic, scenic beaches of Amelia Island.

If you would like to know more, please send your inquiries, we will be happy to write back!

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