Guided Trail Rides on Amelia Island in Nassau County, Florida

Join Happy Trails Walkers LLC on one of our 2-hour guided horseback rides and experience the wonder that is Amelia Island. Located off the northeast coast of Florida, Amelia Island’s lush landscape and abundant indigenous wildlife offers riders the opportunity to be immersed in this barrier island’s natural beauty.

Our 2-hour guided horseback rides stretch across 4 of Amelia Island’s state parks. Starting at the Pumpkin Hill State Park, riders travel through Cedar Point State Park, Betz-Tiger Preserve, and Jim Wingate Preserve. Amelia Island’s stunning Upland Pine Forest and Cyprus Forest are full of deer, turkeys, wild hogs and more! As riders cross Amelia Island’s salt marsh they can lookout to see Jaxport, one of the largest sea ports on the Atlantic Coast.  Riders often pause to watch container ships being loaded and unloaded with international cargo or the impressive cruise ships as they depart on their next voyage.

A favorite destination for tourists and Florida locals, Amelia Island offers visitors 13 miles of scenic coastal views and sprawling woodlands, making for a truly unique Florida experience.

Happy Trails Walkers LLC invites you to join us on one of our 2-hour guided horseback rides and share the magic that is Amelia Island with us.  Click Here to book your trail ride adventure now!