Horseback Trail & Beach Rides in Amelia Island, FL at Happy Trails Walking Horses

Horseback riding on the beach sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? After all, what better way is there to experience the unique tranquility and beauty of the ocean than by gilding along the shoreline atop a magnificent animal? Well, if you’re looking to make that dream a reality, we’ve got the perfect opportunity for you!

Visitors of Amelia Island looking for things to do on our laidback shores can enjoy the miles of rolling dunes and beautiful water by horseback riding on Amelia Beach. At Happy Trails Walking Horses, we offer beach rides and trail rides on the original plantation horse—the Tennessee Walking Horse.

Tennessee Walking Horse Rides on Amelia Beach

If you’ve always wanted to travel on horseback, you would be hard-pressed to find a gentler companion than a Tennessee Walking Horse. The breed is famous for its calm demeanor, and steady and even gait. We have been breeding these friendly and loving horses for many years, and we breed them to maintain their original gait. With these beautiful animals taking you along the shores of Amelia Beach, you’ll be treated to what we like to call the “Cadillac of rides.”

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Good afternoon, I just wanted to take a moment and tell you about my experience with your company. Our guide, Josie, was so AWESOME!!!! She is what made the experience so wonderful and so memorable for my girlfriend and I. She took time to talk with us first, to assess our riding abilities, and to… Read more “David Garber & Ciara Sowell”

David Garber & Ciara Sowell

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Horseback Beach & Trail Rides on Amelia Island

Once you’re settled on one of our beautiful horses, you’ll get a first-class seat to the breathtaking views on Amelia Island in Nassau County. We offer hour-long beach horseback rides that take you along the pristine shorelines at a relaxed, enjoyable pace. Our guides will plan and organize your entire ride from start to finish — and we can even capture photos for you!

If you’re interested in a deeper exploration of the island, we also offer 2-hour guided trail rides that take you through the stunning surrounding landscape. Your ride will traverse up to four of NE Florida’s state parks.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic horseback ride on the beach or a guided trail ride for the whole family to explore the scenic woods in NE Florida, your vacation won’t be complete without a horseback riding adventure with Happy Trails Walking Horses.

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