horse riding on trails


Happy Trails Walking Horses, LLC is a family owned and operated business with 3 generations involved. We even have 3 generations of horses, 5 horses total that are related to each other!

Our herd started in Canada, moved to NY where many of our herd were born, then to FL where our last horse was born in 2014. This is much like our own human family’s migrations. Some from Canada, most from NY, and now we are all here in FL to present to you this amazing adventure!

MANAGER: Lee (Kates daughter and Aunt to Deby)

                                           Woman with sunglasses and her horse 

Lead Guide: Deby (niece to Lee)

Picture Pending….. waiting on Deby…..lol

About our Horses – the Tennessee Walking Horse

At Happy Trails Walking Horses ranch, we bred registered Tennessee Walking Horses (the original plantation horse, a gentleman’s horse) with their naturally friendly and loving characteristics, and excellent conformation and disposition for many years. Tennessee Walkers are a breed of horse. Many people don’t realize there are many breeds of horses, like there are many breeds of dogs. One of the most famous types of horses are a “draft” horse called Clydesdale, because Anheuser-Busch (AKA Budweiser) has them as their mascot, especially during Christmas.

Our chosen, and oh-so-loved, breed of horses we have are all the Tennessee Walking Horse (AKA Tennessee Walker or Walkers). They also have famous history and lineage. Their great great great great great father acted in the old western movies and shows with Roy Rogers. His name was Trigger. He was a palomino (blonde horse) with a white blaze down his face. Happy Trails currently owns 5 horses that descend from this very horse.

What makes the Tennessee Walker special is their gait (aka how they move, their stride, their pace). This gives the horse a swift and smooth “running walk.” This type of gait is inherited naturally. 

All our horses were bred with this original gait, not trained. Most of today’s Tennessee Walking Horses have lost the ability to perform with the original breeds four beat gait due to a concentration of breeding for the show gait (also known as a rack or single foot). We bred for the original running walk, conformation, and calm temperament. This makes for a more comfortable and scenic trail and beach horseback riding experience. Why bounce in a trot when you can glide in a running walk?

Want to learn more about our individual horses? Check out the “Meet the Horses” page: https://www.happytrailswalkers.com/meet-the-horses/ 

Besides our love for this particular breed, the other reason we bred and take care of these wonderful creatures is so that visitors of Amelia Island have a chance to experience and appreciate their magnificence too!

We offer horseback rides on Amelia Island with a guide near North Jacksonville and South Georgia. Thousands of individuals, couples, groups, and families come to us each year from around the world for the ride of a lifetime. Book now to create your own experience and memories with these amazing horses! We cant wait to meet you. Until then, Happy Trails!