About Happy Trails LLC


About Happy Trails Walking Horses LLC

Here at Happy Trails Walking Horses LLC, we have been breeding friendly, beautiful, and loving Tennessee Walking Horses with excellent conformation and disposition for many years. Our horses still maintain the original gaits of the breed. Join the thousands who ride with us each year for the ride of a lifetime!

About Our Horses

All our horses are registered Tennessee Walking Horses that perform the original gait of the breed. Most Tennessee Walking Horses today have lost the ability to do this because of a concentration on breeding for the show gait (otherwise known as a rack or single foot). Here at Happy Trails Walking Horses LLC, we breed for the original running walk, conformation, and a calm disposition. Come ride in comfort on our gorgeous plantation horses while experiencing the Cadillac of Rides. Why bounce in a trot when you can glide in the running walk?

About Amelia Island

Wondering where to go horseback riding in Florida? Well, wonder no more! Amelia Island is your perfect Florida getaway for your next beach vacation, and with miles of pristine beaches and rolling dunes, you’ll find more to explore than you have time to enjoy. Part of the Sea Islands chain of barrier islands off Florida’s east coast, this popular destination is the right mix of paradise and adventure for your next family or romantic vacation.

In addition to water sports, swimming, and fun in the sun, the beautiful backdrop of Amelia Island makes it the perfect location for horseback riding on the beach. You and your horse will enjoy the miles of soft, white sand, clear waters, and peaceful atmosphere.

If you want to explore a little more on horseback, you can even take one of our extended and guided trail rides to see the beauty and splendor of our many state parks in this area. Your Tennessee Walking Horse will gently carry you through the sprawling woodlands, and along several secluded beaches and lookouts.

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