Horseback Trail Riding Adventures in Amelia Island FL at Happy Trails Walking Horses

There’s nothing quite as fun and relaxing as a beach vacation. The fresh smell of the water, amazing dune foliage, gorgeous sandy shorelines, listening to the waves, and the serene atmosphere make for a truly memorable and rejuvenating trip. However, if you want to have the ultimate beach vacation experience, you must add a little something special to your time away—like a horseback ride on the beach!

At Happy Trails Walking Horses, located in the enchanting Amelia Island, FL, the experience goes beyond a simple beach ride. It’s an adventure that encompasses the charm of our Tennessee Walkers (horse breed), the enchantment of our breathtaking beach and stunning shoreline providing a moment of awe and exhilaration.

Amelia Island, Florida, is a treasured vacation destination for naturalists, conservationists, paradise-seeking families, and adventure-loving couples alike. With the help of Happy Trails Walking Horses, you can soak up the sun and stunning views on horseback.

The Unique Appeal of Beach Horseback Riding

Exploring part of Amelia Island on Horseback

Amelia Island, a gem in the crown of Florida’s coastline, offers a rare combination of pristine beaches and lush, verdant walking trails. Horseback riding here isn’t just an activity; it’s an immersive experience. The waves’ rhythmic sound and the sand’s soft texture bring a sense of tranquility like no other.

Experience the Happy Trails Difference

Happy Trails Walking Horses is committed to providing an authentic and memorable riding experience. We are proud custodians of the Tennessee Walking Horse, a breed renowned for its smooth gait and gentle demeanor, making them ideal for both new and experienced riders. Half our heard are also related to each other and have famous lineage, remember the old Black and White western movies and television shows? There was one such Tennessee Walker more famous than any other by the name of Trigger!!!

Personalizing Your Riding Experience

Happy Trails Walking Horses offers a uniquely customizable horseback riding experience, perfect for just a get away, various special occasions, or simply for enjoying a a few hours outside!

Celebrating Special Occasions

Whether you’re marking a significant milestone or just seeking a unique way to celebrate, a beach horseback ride adds a touch of magic to any occasion. Happy Trails Walking Horses specializes in tailoring the experience to suit your special event:

  • Celebrations: From birthdays to anniversaries, a horseback ride along the beach makes your celebration unforgettable. Enhance your day by bringing a picnic lunch and a blanket to unwind on after your ride, creating a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation.
  • Proposals: Planning to pop the question? Please email us your details, and let us help you orchestrate an unforgettable proposal! With a picturesque spot picked out and every detail considered, we can assist you in making your special moment even more extraordinary on the pristine beaches of Amelia Island. 

Learning and Interaction

Happy Trails Walking Horses isn’t just about riding; it’s also an educational experience:

  • Basic Horsemanship and Riding Skills: Our staff provide a riding and safety lesson in basic horsemanship and riding skills for those eager to learn. This is an excellent opportunity for beginners to gain confidence and understanding in horseback riding. For those with much more experience, you will learn how we ride our horses and this will be a breeze to enjoy.
  • Insight Into the Herd and Legacy: Our staff are knowledgeable about horseback riding and the horses themselves. They share stories and facts about the herd, including the legacy of our Tennessee Walking Horses. This educational aspect adds depth to your experience, connecting you more closely with these magnificent animals.

Preparing for Your Horseback Riding Adventure

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the ride start time. There must be time to prepare you for the ride, check you in, complete waivers, and get properly fitted for helmets. 

Safety and Riding Instructions

Safety is paramount at Happy Trails Walking Horses. During the booking process and on several pages our this website, we inform of criteria to be eligible for this adventure for safety. We also provide suggestions on how to prepare for your adventure with us. Before embarking on the journey, all riders, not matter their level of riding experience, receive comprehensive instructions covering all aspects of beach horseback riding safety. This briefing helps to ensure everyone feels comfortable, confident, and secure.

Eligibility Criteria for Beach Horseback Rides

Booking and Arrival

Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled ride so our guide can check-in, properly prepare, and equip each rider for the adventure. The more people you have in your group, the earlier you should arrive so we have time to process you.

Each rider must sign a waiver before mounting the horses (riders under 18 must have a guardian sign the waiver) and wear a provided helmet. (if you have your own helmet, you may bring it for approval to be worn in lieu of our helmet)

Eligibility and Requirements

Participating in a horseback riding adventure at Happy Trails Walking Horses is a physically engaging outdoor activity. The following eligibility criteria must be met to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all riders:

  • Age and Height Requirements: Riders must be at least 13 years old and no less than 4 feet tall to reach the stirrups.
  • Guardian Accompaniment: Riders under the age of 16 MUST be accompanied by their legal guardian during the ride.
  • Weight Limit: Riders must be under the weight of 240lbs. No, we cannot excuse this rule.
  • Physical Abilities: Riders must be able to mount and dismount independently (assistance with a step is provided to all riders). They must also be capable of holding themselves upright on the horse and controlling the horse with the reins, following the riding lesson and safety briefing.
  • Sensory Abilities: Riders need to be able to see and hear the riding lesson and safety briefing. This includes not being impaired by drugs or alcohol.
  • Language Comprehension: Understanding and following instructions provided in English is necessary for safety. (if you have a rider in your group that has a language barrier, please inform our staff so we can allow a member of your group time to translate our instructions.)
  • Appropriate Footwear: Close-toed shoes are required, such as sneakers or boots. (Sandals, flip-flops, crocs, high heel pumps, water shoes, socks with grips on the bottom, or slip-on shoes are not suitable nor safe).
  • Helmet Use: A helmet is provided and must be worn by all riders, as instructed, during the ride. Riders may wear a ball cap, bandanna, or scarf underneath to protect their hair.

***Please understand that at the time of arrival that if it is found that the requirements are not being met by any rider, there has been dishonesty when placing the booking regarding the criteria eligibility (such as not being honest about riders weight or being deceitful about the child’s age), this will result in the rider(s) being denied the ride and there will be no refund for that rider(s) nor will there be a credit to have a different rider on an other date.***

Please visit our FAQ page for more info and to answer any questions you may not of thought of yet: 

What to Bring and Wear

Bring your smile and excitement!

Proper preparation and attire are crucial for a comfortable and safe horseback riding experience. 

Happy Trails strongly recommends:
– wearing long pants
– wearing secure and tight bra or sports bra for ladies
– wearing briefs or an athletic supporter for men
– wearing sunscreen and bug spray
– wearing hair style suitable for a helmet as to not interfere with safety (you may wear a ball cap, bandanna, or scarf to protect your hair under the helmet)
– wearing sunglasses
– drinking water prior and post riding to prevent dehydration and muscle cramps
– having a phone case that can be connected to the body in the event phone slips from hand
– wearing a securable close to the body pouch to keep keys and wallets in (i.e.: fanny pack)
– dress appropriate for the weather (i.e.: if its cold outside, it may be colder on the beach)
You will not be able to bring a water bottle on the horse unless you have it strapped to your body to prevent falling. You will not be able to bring large bags, purses, backpacks, or loose items that, if falling or flapping, may startle the horse. We don’t want anyone to fall off the horse if the horse were to get extremely startled. A small cross body pouch or fanny pack is fine to your hold keys, wallet, phone, glasses, etc.

Why Choose Happy Trails Walking Horses

The horseback riding experience with Happy Trails Walking Horses on Amelia Island is not just any ordinary excursion. It is a gateway to a world where natural beauty, adventure, and serenity intersect. Every ride is customized according to the specific needs and occasions, providing a unique way to explore and appreciate the breathtaking landscape of Amelia Island. These moments turn into cherished memories.

Our commitment to safety and education shines through in every aspect of our services. From the detailed preparation tips to the specific eligibility criteria, we ensure that every rider, regardless of experience level, enjoys a comfortable and safe adventure. The educational aspect, emphasizing the history and characteristics of the Tennessee Walking Horses, adds an enriching layer to the experience, deepening the connection between rider and horse.

For those seeking a unique and unforgettable way to explore Amelia Island, Happy Trails Walking Horses provides an adventure that’s hard to surpass.

To learn more about our beach horseback riding services in Amelia Island, email us at with any questions, and don’t hesitate to browse our comprehensive online FAQ to help you prepare for your horseback riding adventure! 

Are you ready for the ride of a lifetime?

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