Horseback Trail Riding Adventures in Amelia Island FL at Happy Trails Walking Horses

There’s nothing quite as fun and relaxing as a beach vacation. The fresh smell of the water, amazing dune foliage, gorgeous sandy shorelines, listening to the water, and the serene atmosphere make for a truly memorable and rejuvenating trip. If you want to have the ultimate beach vacation experience though, you must add a little something special to your time away—like a horseback ride on the beach! Check that off your bucket list with us. Now, even better than just a basic beach ride, at our new location on Amelia Island State Park, our customers get to experience even more than just a basic beach ride. You now get ranch exposure, an amazing trail ride, and a beach ride all in one adventure!  Once on your horse, you get a fun trail ride on a special path under a canopy of beauty, through the Florida terrain which then leads you out to and revealing the beautiful beach that awaits your arrival! Check Horseback Trail and Beach ride off your bucket list with Happy Trails.

Amelia Island, Florida is a treasured vacation destination for naturalists, conservationists, paradise-seeking families, and adventure-loving couples alike. With the help of Happy Trails Walking Horses, you can soak up the sun and stunning views on horseback.

Beach Horseback Rides: The Perfect Activity for All Occasions

Are you and your family celebrating something special? We’ll help you celebrate in style!

Turn a beach horseback ride into a full afternoon by bringing your own picnic lunch and blanket to enjoy after your ride is over.

Planning to propose to that special someone? Send us an email with your details so we can help you make that day extra special! We’ll have the perfect spot picked out for you.

Wanting to learn something new on your vacation? Our guides will teach you basic horsemanship and horseback riding and teach our about our heard and our legacy. 

Taking in the beauty of Amelia Island Beach from the back of one of our Tennessee Walking Horses is a magical experience like no other. The backdrop of the white sand, sparkling blue waters, and lush Florida forest , you will get to trail through before getting to the beach, will leave a lasting, breathtaking impression on everyone in your party. Our horses were bred to walk with their original gait, which means you’ll be gliding smoothly along the shores instead of trotting.

What to Expect From Your Happy Trails Horseback Ride Adventure on Amelia Island

When you arrive for your adventure, the guides from Happy Trails Walking Horses will take you on a one-hour journey. Your adventure starts at our actual beach ranch where you will get to see the stalls and tack room. You will be assigned a horse, mount when the guide indicates to do so, then have a brief riding and safety lesson, which is part of the hour adventure. Our guide will take your group through a fun and amazing lush trail full of traditional Florida vegetation. The trail leads out to Amelia Island’s pristine beach shoreline. You will take this luxury ride on one of our impressive Tennessee Walking Horses (some of whom are direct descendants of Roy Roger’s famous Trigger). We can capture photos of your horseback riding adventure for you using your camera, if you would like, just ask your Guide, and you are welcome to take your own photos.

Prepare for your adventure with us

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your ride start time so our Guide can get each rider set properly prepared and equipped for the Adventure.

Each rider is required to sign a waiver prior to mounting the horses (riders under 18 will need to have Guardian sign the waiver).

This Adventure is a very physical outdoor activity!

ALL Riders of the horses MUST:
– be at least 13 years old and no less than 4 ft tall (to reach the stirrups)
– be accompanied, on the ride, by their legal guardian if they are under the age of 16
– be under the weight of 240lbs
– be able to mount and dismount on their own (we can provide a step to assist)
– be able to physically hold themselves on the horse without assistance
– be able to physically control the horse with the reigns, after receiving riding lesson and safety brief
– be able to see and hear riding lesson and safety brief
– be able to understand (in English) and implement instructions that are provided to them.
– Wear close toed shoes (i.e.: Sneakers, boots, but not sandals or crocks or slip on type shoes)
– Wear a provided helmet (you may wear a ball cap, bandanna, or scarf to protect your hair under the helmet)

Happy Trails also recommends:
– wearing long pants
– wearing secure and tight bra or sports bra for ladies
– wearing briefs or an athletic supporter for men
– wearing sunscreen and bug spray
– wearing hair style suitable for a helmet as to not interfere with safety (you may also wear a bandana to protect hair under helmet)
– wearing sunglasses
– drinking water prior and post riding to prevent dehydration and muscle cramps
– having a phone case that can be connected to the body in the event phone slips from hand
– wearing a securable close to the body pouch to keep keys and wallets in (i.e.: fanny pack)
– dress appropriate for the weather (i.e.: if its cold outside, it may be colder on the beach)

Are you ready for the ride of a lifetime?

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