Amelia Island: Florida’s Best-Kept Secret

There’s no shortage of great beach vacation spots in the state of Florida. It’s finding a spot that’s not overrun with tourists that’s the real challenge. But that’s exactly the kind of place you’ll find when you visit Amelia Island for the first time.

The island is so beloved because of it’s quaint and non-commercialized nature. Come visit our upscale resorts, world-class beaches, historic sites, golf courses, spas, restaurants, and more to see why Amelia Island has been a well-kept destination secret for generations.

About the Island

Amelia Island is just 30 miles away from Jacksonville, but you’ll feel as though you’re in a different world of luxury when you see the world-class resorts and amenities as well as the pristine beaches and natural wildlife. In addition to resorts, you’ll find a wide selection of bed and breakfasts scattered across the island.

The Island was settled nearly 300 years ago, and it has seen as many as eight flags fly over it since: French, Spanish, British, Floridian, Green Cross, Mexican, Confederate, and The United States. The island has quite a few historic sites to explore.

Beach Horseback Rides on Amelia Island

Considering the natural beauty of the island, there are few better places to take a horseback ride through the scenery. In fact, Amelia Island has some of the few beaches that still allow horseback rides on the beach. The superior packing sand of Amelia Island’s beaches supports horses better than most beaches do.

Allow us to give you the experience of a lifetime by pairing you with a horse to take you on an adventure down our natural white-sand beach in full view of our teal-colored summer water. When you’re finished with your ride, there are so many things to do all over the island.