Sunrise Horseback Rides in Amelia Island, FL

There are few better feelings in the world than waking up early enough on your beach vacation to watch the sun rise amid a beautiful view. Doing so while riding a horse down the beach …..  yeahhhh, now that will allow you to create memories that will last a lifetime! Here at Happy Trails Walking Horses, we can make that happen for you.

Sunrise & Sunset Horseback Rides in Amelia Island, FL

sunset ride

Picture this: you’re on a much-needed vacation in Amelia Island, FL. You wake up before the sun one morning, get ready, and head down to the beach where you’re greeted by a guide for a sunrise horseback ride. Your horse takes you on a gingerly stroll down the beach where you can watch the sun rise over the water, creating the birth of a new day all the while you are taking pictures to capture the amazing experience.

This experience is exactly what you’ll get when you book a guided sunrise or sunset horseback ride with Happy Trails Walking Horses – a fun and exciting adventure that you’ll remember and cherish for the rest of your life.

If you’re headed to Northeast Florida or Southeastern Georgia for vacation or you live nearby and have always wanted to try a sunrise or sunset horseback ride, we recommend booking on our website at least a week in advance during the winter and at least a month early if you’re planning to come between March and Labor Day.

Your ride will begin just before dawn, the exact time of course will depend on the time of year. We ask that you show up 15 minutes early to prepare for the ride and head down to the beach parking lot. We welcome guests of all experience levels. Don’t be scared off if you’ve never ridden before, we give a quick lesson before the ride begins. From there, you’ll be assigned a horse and will begin your one-hour journey. See our main page for more recommendations to make your experience better.

Happy Trails Walking Horses in Amelia Island, FL

At Happy Trails Walking Horses, we’ve been in the business of breeding friendly and beautiful Tennessee Walking Horses for a number of years. We want to make sure you have the chance to experience the magnificence of these animals as well. Many of the horses are direct descendants of Trigger, the horse Roy Rogers rode in many Western films of the 1940s and 50s.

You can remember your journey by taking your own pictures, but we can also capture photos for you. If this all sounds good to you, book a ride today!


Prepare for your adventure with us

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your ride start time so our Guide can get each rider set properly equipped for the Adventure.

Each rider will be required to sign a waiver (riders under 18 will need to have Guardian sign the waiver).

ALL Riders of the horses MUST:
– be over the age of 10 and no less than 4 ft tall (to reach the stirrups)
– be accompanied, on the ride, by their legal guardian if they are under the age of 16
– be under the weight of 240lbs
– be able to mount and dismount on their own (we can provide a step to assist)
– be able to physically hold themselves on the horse without assistance
– be able to physically control the horse with the reigns, after receiving riding lesson and safety brief
– be able to see and hear riding lesson and safety brief
– be able to understand (in English) and implement instructions that are provided to them.
– Wear close toed shoes (i.e.: Sneakers, boots)
– Wear a provided helmet

Happy Trails also recommends:
– wearing long pants
– wearing secure and tight bra or sports bra for ladies
– wearing briefs or an athletic supporter for men
– wearing sunscreen and bug spray
– wearing hair style suitable for a helmet as to not interfere with safety (you may also wear a bandana to protect hair under helmet)
– wearing sunglasses
– drinking water prior and post riding to prevent dehydration and muscle cramps
– having a phone case that can be connected to the body in the event phone slips from hand
– wearing a securable close to the body pouch to keep keys and wallets in (i.e.: fanny pack)
– dress appropriate for the weather (i.e.: if its cold outside, it may be colder on the beach)