Meet The Happy Trails Walking Horses

All of our horses are Tennessee Walking Horses with the Cadillac glide ride!

COCO is the oldest and very much like the grandma of the herd, born in 2001. She is a also a sorrel but with light highlights in her mane. She was the main guide horse for about 10 years, but now is one of our favorite horses for beginners. She is way down in the pecking order, which suits her just fine. Coco was born in Canada.

JOY is Spirits mother and oldest of of herd having been born in 2006. She loves to walk leisurely and take in the sights. She is gentle and sweet. Joy is also a sorrel with a flaxen mane and tail but has a white blaze that almost looks like the number one down her face. She is our One Joy, as you will see with the white blaze down her nose in the shape of a number one! Joy was born in Canada.

STAR was born under the stars in 2009 at about 4 a.m. with no moon to light the night so we gave the night a Star. Her mother had been the boss mare until Thunder’s Grandma Gracie arrived. Star also looks like a black horse, but she is actually a Smoky Black which means she could birth a palomino or buckskin foal because she carries the creme gene. She is also very low on the pecking order and is good for beginners. Star was born in Canada. She is sister to Thunders dad, making her Thunders Aunt.

BRI is our sweet palomino born on the ranch in 2010 when our ranch was still in New York. She is half sister to Spirit. Brie looks most like our herds ancestor, Trigger (the horse ridden by famous cowboy actor Roy Rogers during Western films in the 1940s and 50s). She is the princess of our group. Bri is Thunders Aunt.

SPIRIT is a half-sister to Bri as they both have the same sire (pictured below). They are the same age too, born within a week of each other. She was born in 2010. Spirit is a beautiful sorrel with a flaxen mane just like her mother Joy (Listed above). They look so gorgeous marching down the beach together. Spirit is also Thunders Aunt and was born in New York state. She’s our doey eyed girl!

THUNDER born in 2014 as the only horse born on our Florida ranch, the last horse born to Happy Trails, and he is is the nephew of Brie and Star. We still call him the baby of the family, though he is no longer the youngest. As sweet as he is to his human customer and family, he is actual the herd boss, taking over from his dad Buckshot after he was sold. You sure won’t ever find him late for lunch! He is a handsome dark bay, which is often mistaken for black. 

ROMEO joined our herd in July 2023. This gelding is our sugar sweet boy who was born in 2014. He has a neat blue eye on one side. He is a Strawberry Roan in color. He came to us from Kentucky.

JODY was added to our herd in August 2023. He is a sorrel born in 2019. Hes like our puppy of the herd. Sweet manners and just loves people. He came to us from Kentucky. Jody and Romeo are besties!!! 

LADY came to our herd in July 2023. She is a very well trained dappled palomino Tennessee Walking Horse mare born is 2020. This one is just so gentle. She came to us from Kentucky.

This fine horse, below, is Bri and Spirits Sire (father), Smokey.